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Monday, September 29, 2008
Say My Name

Ever since Facebook branched out its registration to include everyone on the freaking Internet, I've had mixed views on the site. On one hand it's a great way to spy on other people, but on the other hand it's also ridiculously annoying and very addictive. For instance, this morning I logged on to Facebook and this is what I got:

You have a 'girlie' request!
You've been bitten - click here to bite back!
XXXXX just gave you a Super Poke!
You've just been bought! Click to see how much you are worth!

I mean seriously - what the fuck?

Another thing about Facebook is that damn 'status' update. The things people write on there range from the mundane to downright obnoxious. So in an effort to shield my eyes from future status-message abuse, here are my top 5 things not to write in your Facebook status.

Moan about work - face it...we all hate our jobs at some point or the other. But plastering it all over your Facebook for the world (and your co-workers) to see is not a good idea. Also, don't office-bitch on Facebook either...if you regret doing it in the photocopy room with the geeky IT guy, don't tell the world what a skank you are.

Post about your conquests - "Randy had a ****ing great shag last nite!" is not appropriate for Facebook, neither is your update two weeks later with "Randy has an itch".

Depress the world - Okay, so you're in a bit of a rut, or going through some tough times. "Mandy feels like slitting her wrists" is hardly something you want to tell everyone. If you're really feeling low, stop petting your fucking virtual Facebook pet and go talk to someone.

Log on while you're sick - even if you're dying from the flu, no one really cares about how much phlegm you're coughing up. One time I logged in and I saw a friend who was sick that day had updated her Facebook every hour - "is sleeping" "is having soup and hates it" "is curling up in bed" "is feeling a bit better" "hates the taste of Panadol" - it was enough to make me go over there and smother her with her pillow..."is sleeping peacefully" would have been my get-well gift to her.

Continue the 3rd person - it's bad enough that Facebook refers to everyone in the 3rd person, but when you keep up the lingo, you're just being stupid. "Dave wonders wonders when Dave is going to get a car" = not cool.

Don't forget to leave your own!

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Friday, September 26, 2008
Where I Draw The Line

Welcome to the club sistah!

Full story here

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Thursday, September 25, 2008
Especially For You

So the Princess of Pop is scheduled to play in Dubai in November, and I'm at a loss for words. One part of me wants to don my black and gold 'Show Boy' tshirt and prance around in the front row, while another part of me just wants to wait for the DVD to come out. I hear tickets are selling like crazy already, so chances are I will have to dust off my DVD player soon.

Evil of all evils has arrived to my workplace. A Krispy Kreme has opened up right below our offices, so I have to keep walking by it every day. So far I've been good and not gone on a sugar binge, but today I really felt like kicking myself. My morning started off a bit stressed out, so I had gotten myself two donuts to tide me over. I had one with my morning cereal at my desk, and I ended up eating the other one at mid-day, which completly fucked my lunch, so I didn't feel hungry, and instead used the sugar rush to plough through my work. Then after work the sugar was wearing off, so instead of heading to the food court and picking up actual food, I strolled into KK and picked up an original glazed donut, which I gleefully consumed in my car. I need to be so careful of myself. I have an insane sweet tooth, and having Krispy Kreme right there in front of my face EVERY FUCKING DAY is no joke. I may have a fantastic metabolism so that the donuts don't show, but it really is an unhealthy snack. It's going to be ridiculously hard, but I'm going to try to either cut down or eliminate my Krispy Kreme intake...if I can successfully strike off KFC and Mc Donalds from my life, I think I can take on a glazed donut.

Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Cry For You
In two weeks time I am going to leave the humidity and traffic of Dubai and go on vacation in the UK. Why the UK you ask? Well when I went there last Feb, I had such a short time in which to do so much, so I wasn't able to meet all the people I wanted to, nor go to all the places I wanted. So this time around I'm going to be going for 2 weeks of fun, friends, and plenty of gay life.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008
Don't give up
Marriage has always been a grey area for me. Simple because I grew up dreaming of that perfect white wedding in church, in the sight of God and family, living happily ever after. When my brain clicked on to the fact that I was gay, I still kept thinking about that beautiful white wedding, but this time it would be to the man I loved. Sadly, I think it will be a cold day in hell before I'm allowed to marry a man in the Catholic church.

But staying with marriage, how many of us have blown it out of proportion? I know so many of my single girls who tell me they've picked out the right kind of dress, the perfect song, where they want to have the reception - even what flowers are going to be strewn across the aisle. In my opinion, marriage can be a big let down in so many ways. Marriage changes the dimensions of a relationship - it basically means that you're finally happy with this one person, and you choose him or her above everyone else. For me, weddings are always a depressing place - I belong to the elite group of people that you find at every wedding - the single guy or girl who's sitting in the corner minding their own business, when someone or the other has to come up and ask 'So when are YOU getting hitched?' To which I normally reply 'Well, as soon as you dislodge this fork from your ear, I'll tell you'.

I came across this video yesterday and it made me think - what if after chasing a woman all over the place to win her heart, she just wasn't that into you? ;)

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Friday, September 05, 2008
Seven Seconds
One of the joys about being gay is that on occasion, you have to provide a bit of 'gay education' to curious minds, and patiently answer all their pressing questions. For most gay people, there are some common questions which you just know are coming, while some questions are borderline bizarre. So let me divulge a bit of information and answer two of the most common questions I am always asked.

So when did you know?
There's a difference between 'knowing' and 'realizing' that you're gay. I technically knew I was different when I was about 4 years old - I would love to sneak into my sister's wardrobe and pick something off the hanger and slip into it seconds later. I would climb into her heels, put on a gigantic pair of sunglasses, and sashay around the room like I was a big celebrity. Her clip-on earrings were my favorite, and one time I nearly went out of the house with them still on! Of course, my sister never really appreciated my drag shows - many an hour was spent with her screaming "Mooom - he's wearing my dress again!" Of course, I only realized I was gay when I was in my early teens, and actually found out the meaning of the word. I used to wonder why I would watch the other boys playing football while I sat on the sidelines and sang various TV theme tunes to myself (Charles in Charge being my favorite). Growing up I always knew I was different - I could sing better than any boy in my class, and hit ridiculously high notes. I was a champion at jump-rope, and could turn a tissue paper into a carnation in under three minutes. But as I entered my senior year, I found myself losing the flamboyance and bounce which governed my youth. It was almost as if a part of me closed up and went into hiding. My senior years were spent burying my books in my studies, and not daring to swish or sashay down the corridors. It was only when I was in college that my liberation came, and though I was often ridiculed for being so comfortable about my sexuality, I met some people who would follow me years after my graduation.

How can you be gay when you're Catholic?
Religion played a very important part in my growing years. Of course, we would all attend Sunday service at 7pm, attend Cathecism on Friday mornings (9am!) and sing in the choir. Life was just one Gospel song after another really. But putting today into perspective, I've grown to look past all the Bible-waving lunatics that are in the world, who love to quote the Bible and preach about how all gays are going to burn in hell. Well the way I see it, if God is all loving as the Bible says, then He loves me just the way I am. And if I really am going to be burning in hell, well then I'll be the one handing out pamphlets.

I'd like to end this post with another video post to a song that is actually quite an old Gospel song, but one that I heard a wonderful version of in Sister Act 2. It's the song Oh Happy Day, and this particular version is sung by an all-Indian choir (I think) and they did a pretty great job. Enjoy!

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Thursday, September 04, 2008
Another Gay Sunshine Day
But are the gays ready?

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Monday, September 01, 2008
Red Red Wine
Ramadan has started today, which on one hand means that we get reduced work hours, but on the other hand, the tired, frustrated, angry drivers that I usually run into at 5:30pm will now greet me at 3:00pm when I leave the office.

Driving in Dubai requires a certain degree of skill and fantastic insurance. One of the things that drivers on the roads here love to do is communicate with each other by flashing their headlights. If you're new to driving in Dubai, this can be a rather puzzling language at first, so to help my fellow drivers out, here is a brief translation chart for you to follow:

1 flash: MOVE!
2 flashes: GIVE WAY!
7 flashes: Get out of the way you moron!
20 flashes: I'm approaching the sound barrier here...

Feel free to add your own!

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