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Wednesday, April 14, 2010
Goodbye My Lover

So I finally did it. I permanently deleted my Facebook profile. No more friend friend requests from university idiots that I don't care about. No more pokes. No more fucking Farmville updates. No more fucking vampire / werewolf / mafia invites. Just plain and pure SERENITY. Personally speaking, I've got the contact info of whoever is worth keeping in touch with, and everyone else can just look me up if they want to. After all, a whore like me certainly leaves tracks behind on cyberspace.

In the place of Facebook however, I am now a full-time Twitter user. And I love it. I actually enjoy spending time on Twitter because I have fun as well as serious conversations with some absolutely amazing people that I would have never otherwise have met. We talk about everything under the sun, and best of all, we actually meet up in real life - be it for birthdays, fish dinners, or film festivals! I'm now a bonafide Twitter expert, and I love every single one of my 'tweeps'.

You know who you are ;)

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