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Monday, September 27, 2010
I Like Anal Sex With Goats
This was pretty much what was filling up my Twitter feed yesterday - people confessing their new-found fetish for goat-love.

At first it appeared on a couple of my gay friends on Twitter, which led me to consider if this was some new 'coming out' lingo building up to Coming Out Day on Oct 11th. But then other people started posting the same thing, so I figured that it was some kind of annoying Twitter bug (again).

The Oatmeal was one of the poor souls who was sucked into this goat orgy, but was quick to declare his views on the subject:

After enduring a good half an hour of goat tweets, I decided to tweet:

I like anal sex with men <--- this is a genuine tweet.

All the goat jokes aside, you know what would have been REALLY funny? If the bug had hit accounts such as Obama, Oprah, Dalai Lama, or any of the celebs. Think how funny this would look:

@Oprah: I like anal sex with goats
@kinggayle: WTF?
@aplusk: Twitpic or it didn't happen.

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Blogger Mich said...
Love, love, love it! :-)