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Monday, June 26, 2006
Sweet Home Alabama
Ever since I started working, I have noticed how different my lifestyle has become. My morning is not complete without a trip to Muffin Break for my breakfast. I admit - I have become a latte queen (before I would imagine 'latte' to be some sort of exotic dance). I now ponder over what to eat for lunch - Penne pasta with herbs and Shredded Chicken, or Brocolli soup served in a bread bowl. Although I don't drink, I still like to flip through the wine list and then just casually hand it over to the waiter and ask for water instead (Masafi of course, some things never change). But don't worry, somewhere under all the sophistication is the snazzed up, loud mouth drama queen we all know and love.

Another friend of mine has gotten engaged, which really pisses me off. For one thing, that's one less straight guy to hit on, and second it reminds me that I'm still dating my shadow (we are on a break and have agreed to see other inanimate objects). How hard is it to find a decent guy these days? I would actually sink so low as to put an ad in the newspaper personals, but they don't have pink paper. Bastards.

Another particularly potent question to ponder over perfusely - what's with bisexual people? I mean will you just pick a side already? It's truly unfair that they have the best of both worlds. I've dated a couple of guys who are "on the fence", and they truly are quite nice chaps, but it's annoying when you walk down the street and he's staring at the couple who have just walked by wondering what the babe and her boyfriend are like in bed.

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Blogger The Lady said...
Having almost married a man who now can't seem to pick his team, I am all for the banishment of bisexual individuals.

You either like the bird or the kitty. To me, bisexuals are greedy bast**** that like to have their cake and eat it too (no vulgar puns intended).

Considering the men I meet these days are either gay or tethering on the edge of homosexuality, my imaginary boyfriend should meet your shadow.

Blogger nick said...
my imaginary boyfriend should meet your shadow

I'm tell ya..my shadow has a better sex life than me! :(