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Thursday, May 04, 2006
Spice Up Your Life
May 23rd, 2015

I'm so glad today's a Saturday so that I have a whole day to let last night really sink in. It's now 2pm and I'm just getting out of bed. 'Fantastic' would be an understatement to describe yesterday, but fortunately my photographic memory remembers every detail.

6:30am: Was woken up by Abbie who was exfoliating my face with her tongue. The little furball has begun to wake me up regularly so that I can give her breakfast and she can go back to her cat nap. _________ was already out of bed, which was bizarre as he doesn't usually get up until at least 7am. Got freshened up and headed to the kitchen to find _______ already seated at the table waiting for me. There was an amazing breakfast spread out and I just stood in the doorway and gaped in awe. There was French Toast, small pancakes with chocolate smiley faces(which I love), fresh fruit, a mango smoothie, chocolate crepe, and a steaming mug of tea. I just sank into my chair and totally forgot to give ________ his good-morning kiss. And by some miracle, Abbie decided her cat cereal just doesn't cut it anymore and bounded happily onto my lap to be spoon fed.
7:45am: After a fantastic breakfast, got dressed and pulled myself away from ________ to get to work, while he got dressed to make a move as well. I was smiling broadly on the subway and even when I walked into the office I couldn't help giving _________ a small smirk and she understood that I had big things to tell her during lunch.
10:37am: Work pretty much went on as usual, got the occasional greeting from a co-worker passing by and a few cards as well. ________ got me a small Tiramisu cake - I love her for that.
1:45pm: Knowing ________ all too well, he wasn't going to let me be even when I'm at office. Which is why every hour there has been a delivery of a small boquet of assorted flowers - each one different from the last and smelling amazing. I've run out of things to put them in...I even borrowed a pen holder to fill with water! ________ SMSed me so many times today that I actually felt bad deleting his old messages so that I could free up some space! Not to mention the number of e-cards as well...that man has too much free time on his hands(but that's why I love him).
6:30pm: Finally done for the day and gave a few of the boquets to my gals at work who squealed with delight. I bet they wish their husbands paid this much attention to them on their birthdays! Headed home where _________ was waiting, grinning madly. Thanked him for the flowers again, but of course the night wasn't going to get over that fast. I changed into something more dressy and we headed out for dinner to our favorite Italian place.
11pm: Got home after a fantastic dinner - we had our table on the terrace this time, so the view was simply amazing. Went for some amazing pasta and _______ stuck to his traditional pre-meal salad. Topped it all off with a lovely glass of wine and some melt-in-your-mouth creme brulle. At home we slipped into something comfy and spent the last hour of my big day snuggled up on the couch looking out from our balcony. _________ had some of his classical music on, but I was in too good a mood to voice any compaints.

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