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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

I finally went to see X-Men:The Last Stand. Although it was not as good as the previous two movies, it definately had my vote by introducing the ever-hot Angel. But being the overly-analytical freak that I am, I couldn't help but wonder about the movie's underlying theme - the 'cure' for mutation. It made me ponder about a rather interesting question - what if science invented a vaccine that turned gay people straight? Throughout the movie it was eerie to see how some of the character's dialogue and reactions matched real life scenarios almost perfectly. Take for example, when Angel's father bursts in on his young son and discovers he's a mutant, his first words are "Oh no son...not you too", which is exactly something a father may say if he found out his son was gay. The vaccine was marketed as a 'cure', but as Storm puts it, you have to have a disease in order to be cured. In their eyes, they were perfectly fine, and thus did not need any 'cure'. In the same way, gay people see themselves as normal people, and not infected with some sort of warped disease. But imagine if science really did come out with a vaccine to turn gay people straight. I know for sure there would be people lining up to get it, simply because they want to blend in with the crowd. For others, such a vaccine would be almost an insult, and would surely lead to an all-out protest as seen in the movie. But think about it for a moment - with all the jumps science is making every day, is such a vaccine really that far away?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yeah, I was really struck by how the mutant story seemed to have an underlying gay theme. I guess it would apply to any group that conideres itself (or is considered) "outsiders."

BTW - good luck on the body for life program. I started out on it, but wound up modifying it slightly (eating 4 x per day instead of 6, skipping the myoplex) and lost 60 pounds.

Blogger nick said...
Very true Anon, minority groups are often considered to be the 'mutants' among us.

Thanks for the well wishes!