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Sunday, May 07, 2006
Queenie Queenie Caroline

I remember when I first read the book "The Color Purple" how I was amazed that a novel could be made up purely of honest, open letters to God. So of course, stemming from that, here is my letter to God.

Dear God,

I know I don't write to you as often as I should, but you of all people should know how horrible I am in keeping touch with people. Anyway, here I am, and I just thought I'd drop you a few lines to know how you're doing. I know that we never seem to take the time to wonder how you're doing and how we always crawl around asking for favors as if you dish them out like confetti. Well believe it or not, I'm not asking for a favor this time. This is an honest letter to see how things are checking out for you. I know you really don't need my concern, but feel free to pinch it anyway.
Things are going pretty well for me, just so you know. I have nice people in my life, I'm still kinda on the lookout for the right guy, and of course I'm back into working full time. Of course, there is room for improvement, but I'll totally leave that up to your expertise. After all, you know what's best for me, right?
That's pretty much all the excitement in my life for the moment, do feel free to spice it up a bit more if you see fit.

With Love,

Your Gay Friend.

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