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Monday, May 01, 2006
Cry Just A Little
I came across a rather interesting blog today called DREADNOUGHT. It's a bit hard to pinpoint the main subject of the blog, but it discusses everything from faith to politic to being gay. Reading through some of the entries I was reminded how often I was asked about my sexuality in relation to the Catholic Church, whether or not I would be able to sneak into Heaven or plummet into Hell. Frankly speaking, I have come to a point in my life where my faith is exactly what I interpret it to be. It has long evolved from blind beliefs into something that I wholly put my trust and prayer into. I remember in one of my religious studies texts at school there was a chapter on homosexuality, and there was a paragraph that said "People should not hate homosexuals. They are different from us, but they are still God's creations". For me the Catholic Church represents a connection to God, and is an important part of my spirituality. There are often rallies by religious groups who use the Church as a tool to 'purge' the world of gay people. For them, the Church has become a political asset - something they can weild with a burning frenzy; something which they hope will give them some power over the 'immoral'. But as Jesus himself said, "You would have no power [over me] unless it had been given you from above"

Letters for Zac is another blog that I recommend you all read. Beautiful writing, adorable pictures, and warm memories. Please check it out and comment.

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