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Saturday, April 22, 2006
We Will Rock You
I never imagined that "Happy Birthday" could be sung to the tune of We Will Rock You. However, the staff at Chillis certainly made my babe's bday a memorable one. Some fantastic food and a very cute waiter was also thrown in the mix to make the night even more fun. Not to mention a trip to The Chill Factory (grazie Carlo!) for some fresh ice-cream and hilarious company. Quite an enjoyable weekend I must say.

With my impending birthday growing ever so close, my annual 'oh i'm single on my birthday AGAIN' moment happened when I was brushing my teeth this morning (why do I have these moments when I'm in the loo?) Staring at my watery-eyed reflection mouthing the words "S-I-N-G-L-E" I stopped and mouthed back "S-O W-H-A-T-?" Truth is, I'm single and ready to mingle, but I've got fantastic people who I'm going to be spending my birthday with (and I know I'd like to snog one particular person), so not having a man-in-tow doesn't seem to bother me any more.

Wow...is this what divorced women feel like?

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