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Thursday, April 13, 2006
Lift me Up
My birthday is next month, and I've decided on what I'd like to get - a Traffic Light. They're amazing contraptions that can stop whole rivers of cars dead in their tracks with a mere flick of color. Speed demons loathe them and pedestrians seem to ignore them. So this year on my birthday, I would like to go out with a traffic light strapped to my back which would of course change color depending on my mood. For all you lovely people out there, here's a reference chart for my moods:

red - PMS/Mid-life crisis. If you value your testicles, do not approach me.
yellow - Proceed with caution. Chances of landing a date range from slim to near zero. Expect sarcastic put-downs directed at your wardrobe.
green - Bur-Dubai-whore mode. Take a number and come on in.

Here's a few things that I've learnt this week worth blogging about:
- Coffee with your ex who is now married is a definate no-no.
- Coffee with your ex who is now married and is bringing their partner along is a never-never.
- Giving up sex for Lent was the easiest thing in the world; I'm not getting some anyway!
- Moving 10 users to a new network switch at work was child's play. Actually configuring the stupid thing was a pain in the ass.
- 'Superstar' is my official office nickname.
- People have begun to stare at my orange mp3 player with pink headphones.
- Men who are unaware that they are not alone in the men's room and groan at urinals have severe repressed childhood issues - period.

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Blogger Evan said...
"Men who are unaware that they are not alone in the men's room and groan at urinals have severe repressed childhood issues - period."

LOL -- any vocalization in the men's room (believed to be vacant or not) is alarming and inappropriate. It is also fodder for the blog.

This then is your warning.

"Stop it immediately."

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