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Friday, March 31, 2006
Lovers in the Backseat
The Dubai World Cup was held recently, and sure enough it was hailed as the "social event of the year" (wait until you hear my wedding plans). Flipping through a magazine I picked up yesterday, I scanned through only to find 7 pages which actually had a picture of a horse on them. The rest of the magazine was filled with pictures of women in gigantic hats and men in constipated suits (hats off to the chaps in the kilts though). The DWC is becoming less of a sporting event and more of a social spoof. Let's do a quick breakdown about the kind of people who turned up for this event:

47% - women dressed to supposedly impress
4% - men accompanying the women mentioned above
10% - random people who were bored
0.37% - jockeys and handlers taking part in the races
1.80% - people who own the horses that are taking part
34% - people there for the booze
2.83% - people who actually have a clue about horse racing

Never in my life have I read about such completely idiotic people. Who in their right mind goes to a horse race and not pay any attention to the horses? Mind you, there were a few people who were staring at the race track rather than at the dead bird on someone's head. I think the highlight of reading this magazine was seeing a picture of a lady in a rainbow outfit, wearing a hat that actually had a rainbow on it. And I mean a rainbow that was actually standing up on her hat. Now if that isn't all-out gay pride, then I don't know what is.

I'm getting to be quite popular methinks...had a quick glance at yesterday's visits and was quite pleased indeed...

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Blogger nzm said...
Maybe if you approved our comments, you'd also get more cominng back for a chat?

I love your blog and keep coming back, but it's kind of one-sided when we can't interact with you when our comments don't show!

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