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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Love don't cost a thing

I think the quality of music concerts in Dubai has hit an official low. Mizz Jay-lo is giving a concert here next month - wonder how many people are going to be out at 4am to buy tickets to that pile of crap. Sure, she may have given big-bootied women a definate ego boost, but this chic has serious issues. What the hell was she thinking when she dumped Ben Affleck? Okay I admit, he isn't the hottest 'Ben on the block' but gurl I think you pretty much had it made with that guy. But no, you had to go and marry the guy who sounds like he's being strangled when he sings. I mean what is up with this woman? Not to mention her tacky and totally talentless acting career - need I remind you all of Gigli or whatever the hell that movie was called? In my opinion, Mizz Jenny has been around the block, but it sure hasn't helped her popularity. I wouldn't even date her if I was a lesbian! Now that Portia De Rossi...another story.

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