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Saturday, March 04, 2006
Groove is in the heart
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A couple of things to blog about today...and here I was thinking it would be a dull Saturday. So let's get on with things, shall we?

Having strolled into an electronics store at my favorite mall to look at some PC games, I was greeted by an extremely bubbly and loud gentleman who insisted I come with him and check out his "special offer ONLY for you". Now he was kinda cute, and I know how sucky Sales can be, so I obliged. At this point, someone should have strangled me with an electric cable, because talking with him was going to be a huge mistake. After listening to him drone on about the fantastic packages he had on offer, and how they get the latest movies and series, I proceeded to explain to him quite calmly that I already had cable at my house, and I was quite happy with that. This drone apparently didn't hear me, because he rewound his internal tapes and began repeating what he had just spend the last 10 minutes explaining to me. I don't need fucking cable, I just want to look around the damn store! Sad to say, before I knew it I was walking out of the store with a damn subscription form, but I clearly explained to the dumbass that I probably wasn't going to go for the offer, no matter how god damn great it was. Well, he's supposed to call me at around 5pm, so will post updates shortly.
(Mental note: with reference to above, when a guy describes a woman as 'fit', he is not necessarily talking about her athletic abilities.)

Driving home through the depressing traffic, I was utterly repulsed when at a traffic light, the driver in front of me opened his door and spat out a chunk of unknown matter clearly into the nearby bushes. As a friend of mine clearly put it, "Sheikh Zayed Road is not your ashtray", and neither is it your spitoon.

Since today was my day off, I decided to get to Dubai and process my degree for attestation. After circling the damn building with my brother for about 10 minutes, I left him in the traffic jam and sprinted up to the building. When I entered the 'office' I really thought I had come to the wrong place. There was a rather burly chap sitting at a desk at one end of the room, engrossed in a newspaper, with a fan sputtering away in the corner. There was a safe, two chairs, and the man. The entire 'office' was no bigger than my bedroom. So pardon me for feeling a bit nervous handing this Jabba-the-Hutt my hard earned degree.

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Anonymous Gautam said...

Salesmen can really be a Pain In The Ass sometimes...but its fun when they make blunders...hehhe!!