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Sunday, February 05, 2006
Murder on the Dance Floor
There's something so mesmerising about a suit. No matter how crappy a guy's dress sense can be, pop him into a suit and he's a regular Casanova. When I've seen friends of mine in suits I've literally gaped at how hot they suddenly look (But no drool - that's where I draw the line).

Today I watched the ladies on Oprah get all excited over...free macadamia nuts and chocolate cake. Boy, it sure doesn't take much to get an audience excited these days. I've seen the widest array of gifts given out on Oprah's show - from cars to teddy bears to macadamia nuts. I wish someone would gift me a car. I'd even settle for the damn nuts. And speaking of an audience, Colin Farell's home movie was a total disappointment. There was some chick in it! Thumbs down from me.

Heading home today in traffic I invented a new game - the "What would you do if you had a rich husband"* game. Basically, you imagine what it would be like to have a fabulously rich husband and all the wonderful things you could buy with his money. Money is the best kind of paper there is, in my opinion. If you stand patiently at the bank at around 4am when the armored trucks come around, you might get a whiff of freshly printed money. It smells all minty and addictive. I bet spoilt folks smoke money. No tobacco for them, just roll up a $100 bill and puff away to kingdom come.

*not to be confused with the "What would you do if you had a rich toy boy" game.

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