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Sunday, February 26, 2006
John and Elvis are dead
I am really proud of this blog. When I started it back in November last year I had no idea that it would become such a focal point of my life. Of all the blogs that I have, this is by far my favorite and my most personal. Friends have logged on here and asked me so many questions afterward - when did you know? For how long? But are you sure? Nevertheless, I welcome such things with open arms. 80% of me is a diva, but the other 20% is someone who has their feet firmly on the ground. There have been numerous hurdles in my life, but I'm glad I always believed that things would be good for me in the future. For all it's worth, I'm thankful for all the people who have made me what I am today (I know I don't say thanks often enough). I am blessed to have a select number of people in my life who I love very much and would do almost anything for. You are what makes my world complete, and I would never imagine life with out you all. Thank you for everthing.

My father asked if I am gay. I said, Does it matter? He said, No not really. I said, Yes. He said, Get out of my house. I guess it mattered.

My friend asked if I am gay. I said, Does it matter? He said, No not really. I said, Yes. He said, Don't call me your friend. I guess it mattered.

My boss asked if I am gay. I said, Does it matter? He said, No not really. I said, Yes. He said, You're fired faggot. I guess it mattered.

My lover asked if I love him. I said, Does it matter? He said, Yes. I told him, I love you. He said, Let me hold you in my arms. For the first time in my life something mattered.

My God asked me, Do you love yourself? I said, Does it matter? God said, Yes. I said, How can I love myself? I am gay. God said, That is the way I have made you. Nothing again will ever matter.

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Anonymous Leslie said...
I love that. That was great.

You have a cool blog here.

Take care.