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Friday, February 24, 2006
In the Shadows
Never trust a picture. Screw the whole 'thousand-words' analogy. I stepped into Starbucks yesterday and to my delight I saw a huge poster for a new beverage: "Premium Hot Chocolate". Now the thing looked absolutely divine, and before I knew it I was standing in line waiting to place my order. After patiently waiting for 5 minutes, I finally got my cup, filled to the brim with whipped cream. After slurping away most of the cream, I was waiting for the thick, lucsious taste of the hot chocolate, but instead my lips met what was clearly their regular hot chocolate, just two shades darker. After about 10 minutes, my 'premium' hot chocolate resembled a cup of watered-down brown paint. Never again will I fall prey to the evil demons of Starbucks Marketing. (Unless of course, there's a guy in shorts holding a cup of coffee).

D, I still have faith in you, and I really miss you.

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Blogger secretdubai said...
I've had it three times, and it has always been way richer than the regular stuff, quite a different drink. The hazelnut flavour is a bit chemical though.

It is nowhere near as good or as much fun as Costa Chocolatissimo (or whatever it's called). You get a chocolate swizzle stick with that ;)