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Monday, February 20, 2006
I just wanna live
I saw a rather amusing thing driving home from work today - a cop had pulled over a gigantic sewage truck for speeding. I bet the driver was thinking "Oh Shit!" Distrubingly enough, on the top of the tank was written "sweet water" - what the hell? In my opinion, water coming from something that big is going to be anything but sweet.

My beloved readers, I have an announcement to make. I...am....pregnant. Yeap. I'm pretty sure of it. When I wake up in the morning I have a terrible burning sensation in my bladder and I get into an extra-foul man-hating mood. Not to mention every single person I meet finds some way to royally piss me off and ends up talking to my 3-inch heels. Plus, I'm constantly hogging something or the other at my desk. Yesterday I engulfed a chunk of lasagne, 3 chocolate donuts, an entire packet of chocolate biscuits, one Twix bar, and a cup of hot chocolate. Today's lunch was no different, and I started to get drowsy at my desk very fast. Fortunately, a bar of Toblerone roused my spirits for the last half hour until I could drag my ass back home.

Looking forward to this weekend actually, as I'll be with fun company. I haven't had some fun in a loong time, and this is well over due. And just so you know Al, you have a really sexy accent.

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