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Friday, February 10, 2006
Angel Eyes

The problem with being smitten with someone is that your brain ceases to function properly. You're so preoccupied with thinking about that person that you fail to notice the chap who's peeking over your shoulder at your mobile as you merrily SMS away to that special someone. Talk about breach of privacy.

Watched Memoirs Of A Geisha today and it was a fantastic movie (with great company). Beautiful cinematography and an equally beautiful storyline. The movie also brought back memories of Emmet dressing up as a Geisha in an episode of Queer as Folk. God how I miss that show...

Thanks D, for a great evening out and giving me another reason to smile with you.

P.S Tampura rocks!

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Blogger Rob said...
I am with you on the Queer As Folk thing. I totally miss that show. But, I did invest in Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD recently and will soon be adding Season 3. Thanks for the memories...I, too, remember the episode you're speaking of. Good times. Great blog, man. I found you on Best Gay Blogs and will be adding a link to you at my site. Have a great weekend!

Blogger Sean John said...
Great Blog!
Glad you liked the movie and had great company.