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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
You're the one that I want
Today marked the start of a new season of American Idol. Frankly speaking, there should be a Gay Idol(and here's a gay view of American Idol). Criteria for being on Gay Idol is as follows:

1) You have to be gay. We just aren't looking for bisexual people at the moment.
2) You must know the lyrics and dance moves to at least 8 songs by Kylie.
3) Extensive knowledge of past Broadway shows is a plus. Actually starring in a production will give you a free backstage pass so you can sleep with the judges.
4) You should not be ashamed of wearing pink. Or feathers.
5) Rainbow wigs are frowned upon during auditions. Please leave your Pride materials at home.
6) Singing talent is good, but not really required. In the event that the judges are unsure if you should go to the next round, just strip.

(Wait, that's not Gay Idol - that's Gay Cliché...)

But seriously speaking, I do have Gay Idols in my life. People who, against all odds, have stood firm and proud in who they are. And no, my Idols aren't all the openly gay celebrities you read about. They are the people in my life who just like me, are proud to be different, and wouldn't have things any other way.

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