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Friday, January 06, 2006
Mambo Italiano
Human beings are truly interesting specimens. No wonder we have so many movies about aliens coming to Earth to capture and probe humans. We truly are a fascinating species. Moronic at times, but mostly fascinating. For example, did you know that we have two faces? You heard right. Two! And I thought applying a face mask for one face was a pain in the ass. Face number 1 I hear, is the regular face that looks back at us in the mirror and has the most wrinkles. Face number 2 however, is slightly more difficult to find. Studies have shown that Face number 2 appears mostly during traffic jams, spilling hot coffee on your lap, listening to Britney Spears, and uncomfortable sex. Of course, not necessarily in that particular order. And if that wasn't enough, Face number 2 is often accompanied by a verbal onslaught from Mouth number 2. Utterly fascinating.

Next week's topic is a curious one found in the male specimen: Head number 2.

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