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Sunday, January 22, 2006
Kiss the Rain
I'm proud of me. I've been posting to this blog quite faithfully now, and I'm happy to say that I've gotten 74 new visitors this month alone. I rarely would bother about something as petty as visitor information, but I wanted to know how other people found my blog. Apart from the usual links in my forum signatures and on my friends' blogs, my blog also shows up in search engines. So what are people typing in to get to my blog? Here's the copy-paste list directly from my hit coutner control panel:

Recent Keyword Activity (out in my head)

why men grab their crotch
why do guys scratch there privates all the time
why do men grab their crotch
would you like to come up for some coffee seinfeld
guys grab their junk
out of the head

(I knew that crotch-grabbing post was a good idea.)

In other news, my sis has finally moved out to her own apartment. In my head she hasn't technically moved out because she's just 3 buildings away, but hey - she's happy. I've got mixed feelings as I part with my very own in-house fashion critic and brace myself for the mammoth task of re-doing her bedroom up as a guest bedroom. Also, my hair feels like cardboard, so I need to go now.

Keep visiting!

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