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Wednesday, January 11, 2006
I dreamed a dream
February 16th, 2019

Ah, spring. It has always been my favorite season. Goodbye to -23 temperatures and hello sunshine. ________ woke me up early today because Abbie had decided to nap on the roof last night. Again. So the better half of my morning was spent getting her down, which amused ________ greatly as he is a dog person and the cats are my responsibility. Ron on the other hand, had chosen to take up residence under my bed, which in my opinion is a much better option than sleeping on the friggin roof. In all my years of having these two, I'll still never fully understand cats. This is the part when ________ pipes in with his "I'm so glad I'm a dog person" speech. Hey, he has his own share of problems with Rufus...I've warned ________ that if that dog jumps into the tub one more time, I'm going to electrocute him with my hairdryer.

Tanni wasn't at the gym today as she had flown to Florida for her sister's wedding. Our replacement trainer was just as good as her though - he made sure I stuck to my workout routine and totally ignored my whining to have a water break every 20 minutes. Gym still hasn't grown on me, but I do it just to be with ________ . Hey, any time we have together is a precious thing these days, what with me having to attend to the construction going on in the cafe. You would think that replacing a signboard wasn't rocket science, but the people who are doing the new signage are taking forever! Still, a name change was long overdue - "Cafe Chaud" no longer matched the new decor and feel of the place. It still is a coffee shop by day and a club by night, but I wanted something with a little more zest in the name :) For now only the construction people and myself know what the new name is. ________ is just going to have to wait till the grand re-opening :)

(If you're a single guy, put your name in place of the blanks and re-read. Then give me a holler.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
can't help be curious, but are you gay?

Anonymous Shweta said...
Nicholas... goodbye -23C in February?
lol I hope you're moving to Florida not Canada... but we do have freak nice weather occasionally... Go global warming!!!