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Friday, December 16, 2005
Walk like a man
I am feeling, dare I say it, a bit bitchy today. So let's ramble, shall we? Relatives. I understand why God made Adam and Eve, but I don't understand why God made relatives. For me, relatives are the most annoying type of people I've had the misfortune to know. And of course, if they haven't seen you in 10 odd something years, the plethora of utterly brainless questions they ask is simply mind numbing. The most common thing they comment about is how tall I've grown. Well duh, you stupid fuck, it's called growing UP. Did they really expect me to be a short, fat, hyperactive 8 year old all my life? (I know guys who are like this in real life - scary huh?) At times I just want to grab all these annoying, old, noisy relatives and shuttle them off the moon. I know I'm not alone in my 'relative woes' - there are very few people I know who actually like their relatives. Maybe if I paid them all, they'd go away. For a simpler solution, why not write a flaming letter to your relatives to let them know just how unwelcome they are. And here's a site to help you along.

I swear, I'm getting Jim's epidemic...another guy for you all to vote on. Okay, so I admit that my previous nominee was total trash (the public have spoken!) so here's someone new whom I saw at my niece's Christmas Fair (hey...a playground full of kids and married people...I NEEDED the entertainment) So cast your vote and decide his fate!

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Anonymous Gary said...
I evidently need to hang around school Christmas fairs. (I know what you're thinking, so stop it!)Good choice.