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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Let me entertain you
They say that driving is an art. Well if it is, then I'm clearly an Expressionist. Or Abstract even. I will come to a grinding halt on the highway if I see some eye candy walking near the road. I will cut across three lanes to get behind the car being driven by the cute blonde guy wearing shades. I've also been known to terrify a fellow passenger by narrowly missing driving onto the pavement when I noticed some fellow wandering around shirtless near the beach. Yes, I am a driving hazard - but at least I don't tailgate you on the highway at 140kph and blind you with headlights that belong on a lifeguard's boat. Unless of course, you're blonde and wearing shades.

I think my taste in men is going somewhat downhill. Lately I've found every Tom, Dick, Harry and Raj to be cute. Maybe it's just raging hormones or something but I keep going "Ooo" and "Aaah" over every second guy that crosses my path. Public poll time - this chap was at a coffee shop I recently discovered and he was a total doll by looking directly at the camera while I took his photo. So, hot or not? Leave your comments!

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Blogger neha said...
So not. What's happened to your taste?

Blogger nick said...
Shut up bitch...he had nice eyes! I told you...it's my fucking hormones!

Anonymous Rich said...
Actually I can see the appeal.. :-) He does look a little vacant though! Perhaps I'm a little naive in asking this as I live in Thailand, but aren't there gay bars and clubs that you can go to in UAE? I mean, you're a good looking guy! *smiles*

Blogger nick said...
lol...rich you made my day! :) No, there aren't any gay clubs or bars here, which I'm kind of thankful for! You'd never find me in one tho!

Anonymous Arthas said...
You're right when you say "My taste in men is going downhill". Not downhill...it's gone underground.

Wake up! You were the one with good taste and we sucked like crap, remember? :-)

Blogger Dletedchic said...
Firstly, I can't believe you actually managed to get his pic =p, it was pretty horrorfying seeing u aming the cam at him =) Secondly, *Ewwww* n thirdly i was so miffed seeing "this" guy that night after the way you ranted and raved about his looks i was expecting a real prince =)*THWACK* next time don't get me so excited =p