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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Leave right now
I think it's hard being Indian. You don't know how much pressure is on you all the time. If you're a girl, you have to find a nice man, get married, let him fuck you every two years so that you spit out grandchildren, stay at home and cook, clean, feed the kids, grow fat and unattractive, and still put on a smile for your husband while you stand at the door with a cup of chai when he comes home. And if you're a boy, then you have to go to the best university there is, become an engineer or a doctor, go meet about 20 nice girls that your parents like, decide on one girl, get married, let her have the kids, pay the bills, and call up mummi when you are going to stop by for some paratha and dahl.

I have to write a report on the desert. What am I supposed to write about - it's fucking sand! Whatever 'wildlife' we were supposed to see on our trip we only saw in a PowerPoint presentation.

Suno beta, life isn't all Ha Ha Hee Hee.

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Anonymous Nell said...
Lol! Well said about the marriage part.

Blogger Dletedchic said...
Which century are you living in ? =P j/k

These thoughts stll prevail in quite a few Indian homes.But there comes a time in everyone's life where you just Have to do things for "yourself" & "Your happiness"
You can't go on living a real life, Your life if you gotta listen to people on how to dress, how to talk, whom to marry & whom to fcuk!. all this goody two shoes atittude and deeds were done when we were kids....Not Anymore.

Anonymous Tima said...
Yeah, it's almost like being an arab girl. Bleh, they expect you to stay home after school and have bratty little children with a sexually crazed man.

Meh, fuck staying home after school. America, here I come.