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Thursday, December 08, 2005
I got the world on a string
Someone once posted an intelligent question: (please excuse the horrific grammar)

"Y on earth do females have a look at their own boobs suddenly(u knw....like a peep) whn they are walking around or especially whn they get off da chair! I've seen sooooooo many females of different nationalities do tha....Do u ppll check for something or wha?!"

Well let me pose my own question: Why do so many men grab their crotch in public? I mean I've seen countless guys grab, scratch, adjust, roll around, and do god knows what to their privates. Yes, your delicates are still hanging there...why do you have to do a quick checkup in public? Hide in the loo and take a quick peek...admire your manliness or whatever, just please spare me the gross factor.

In other news, Carrefour has a "Win 500 Trolleys a day" promotion. At first I wondered what in the world I'd do with my very own trolley, but it turns out that you can win a trolley of groceries at the counter. Which is what happened to me today at counter number 24 - my trolley of things was paid for in full, for a grand total of AED 50.25 And what wonderful things were in my trolley you ask? Well, here's the list:

1) 8 tinsel garlands, 2 each of red, green, white, blue
2) 2kg packet of sugar
3) 1 tray of Extra Large Al Jazira eggs

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