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Thursday, November 24, 2005
On the second day of Christmas
Yet another Christmas post. It's kind of hard to get away from the Christmas spirit, regardless of whether you are Christian or not. It kind of gets into your system when you see everyone around walking with that extra bounce in their step (after a few Prozacs), smiling happily as they wait for the bus (finally got laid), or just singing to themselves in the office (got the best out of the divorce). The cutest thing of course, is seeing the kids get all excited about Santa Clause. Who would have thought an overweight man in red would become an idol for millions of kids everywhere. What with his hoe hoe hoe and such. And seeing as I will be going to my niece's school Christmas Fair next month, I may as well get into the spirit of things early on. So in the true spirit of Christmas, I am going to get hopelessly high on sugar (alcohol is not something I'd willingly ingest, hence my sweet tooth). And of course, all I want for Christmas is for the farking turkey to fit into the oven.

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