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Tuesday, November 08, 2005
On the first day of Christmas
It's official. The Christmas season is upon us. How do I know? Because although it's just turned November, the shops have already lined up their Christmas merchandise ready for the hordes of shoppers to come and indulge in their clever marketing ploys. Dubai is kind of cool that way - we may not have a huge Christmas tree in the middle of Times Square, but we still celebrate Christmas in style. Novelty aside, I've begun practicing with my choir for Christmas service...I think the hardest carol that I will be playing is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" It may be an upbeat carol, but you try playing Em B7 Em Bm C G C B7 Em Am B7 for each line and then come talk to me.

I remember when I was younger how much fuss my mum would make over dressing us up for Christmas service. I used to wear my dark blue suit, black pants, and white shirt with a frilly button-down vest, complete with black bow tie. Looking back at that picture of me I can't help but wonder where my fashion sense was at that time.

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Blogger jimg said...

Thanks for the nod, I look forward to reading more about you. A friend of mine is actually in Dubai right now, opening a coffee shop( the chain is called Caribou here, not sure what the name is in Dubai) at an International Market. If you know where this is and are ever down there, look for Amy Grittman and tell her that Jim Geckler(me) says hi. It would blow her mind and make me look very well connected.
By the way, the Christmas music has started here too and it is annoying.