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Thursday, November 10, 2005
I see you baby...
I think the best sort of man to marry would be a baker. Or a chef even. Can you imagine going to bed with a man who smells of freshly baked bread and succulent black forest cake? Strolling through the bakery section at my local grocery shop I couldn't help but chew on this delicious marital fantasy as I picked up some garlic bread and custard puffs. We need more bakers in the world I think. Women (and men as well) would be so much happier with their married lives. For one thing, you'd never have to worry about body odor...just dab some frosting or rub a freshly baked scone on you and you're done for the day (Note: please discard scone after inappropriate use). And just think, any time you argue, you can look forward to a please-forgive-me eclair or even a mountain of croquembouche. OOoo..I could have wedding cake every day!

Dropped my parents off at the airport today morning...their first vacation to India after god knows how many years. I think after I was born they decided to cut down on expenses, so the first thing to go was the family vacation! Hey, with four kids, you need to save up as much as you can. So I'm pretty much alone at home in a 3 bedroom apartment...just what I need - more lonliness in my life. Oh well, I did manage to pick up a video CD of "Cracking the Da Vinci Code", so that should make for good viewing in the evening when I curl up with my garlic bread and mango mousse.

A big thank you to Aideen who fixed up a bug on my template so that it now looks as it's supposed to in both IE and Firefox. Oh what the hell, get Firefox anyway...

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Blogger Dletedchic said...
That certainly is a creative thought hon =) A baker would be a very tasty treat to go to bed with for the rest of your life.