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Sunday, November 20, 2005
Encore une fois
I admit to being a shopaholic. Not a day goes by where I find myself picking up a fabulous bargain or visiting a store that has "SALE" plastered on the front window. But the one thing I can't stand about some stores is their changing rooms. Example - a few days ago I walked into a very well known and fancy store which shall remain nameless for now (*koff* ends with 'worths' *koff*) and their changing room had...A CURTAIN instead of a door! Now I'm sure this is the latest trend in interior design, but call me old-fashioned if I don't want people to peek in and see what color underwear I'm wearing today. All it takes is one SWOOSH and you'll be staring at a guy with one leg in a pant hopping around trying to get the other leg in. There's nothing more comforting than changing behind a good, solid door. At least you know no one else will see how bad you look in those leather pants that looked flawless on the mannequin. And WHY do so many stores have more than one mirror in the changing room? Do I *really* need to see how bad I look from 12 different angles? Paranoia grips me whenever I'm in a changing room - I keep thinking there's a hidden camera behind the mirror or something. Which is why I always put on a good show.

Today is D's birthday - hurrah!

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Blogger Husain said...
I agree with you on the mirrors bit. It is so distracting from the job at hand.