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Monday, November 21, 2005
Come into my world
Wandering around a department store today, I couldn't help but notice how well endowed some of the male underwear-displaying mannequin-torsos are. Hey, it's a sin for me to walk out of a store and not pick up something skimpy to wear. Which brings me really to my original thought - I really hate boxers. I mean I hate them with a passion. On so many occasions I've gone out on a date with a really attractive guy, but the total turn off comes when he whips off his trousers and reveals that he is wearing what can only be described as a pillowcase. Or better yet, a parachute. I mean I know some guys are into the whole 'room-to-breathe-down-there' phenomenon, but seriously, the boxer thing is a big no-no for me.

Today I got my first parking ticket - it was a horrible feeling. Having decided to laze around in bed a bit later than usual today, I ended up exceeding my parking time by half an hour. So when I jovially went down to my car, I found a little white paper neatly tucked under my windscreen wiper, calmly stating that I had exceeded the allotted time and I should get my ass into gear and clear on out. So my half an hour of lounging in bed has cost me Dhs 100. I bet the parking attendants wake up an hour early and wait next to cars for the meters to turn on at 8:00am so they can then go around tagging every single damn car in the parking lot. How the fuck do these people sleep at night ??! I have to do some name and shaming here - my ticket was written by Mohammed Abdul Mohammed Aziz. Or, MAMA.

On the better side of things, D's Birthday was nice...when he eventually turned up! We were all adamant about voicing our discomfort, but we decided to get constructive and be bitchy on the whiteboard.

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