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Thursday, November 17, 2005
It's in his Kiss
Okay, it really is rare when I talk about celebs, but I really have to dedicate a whole post to this particular guy. Zach Braff, the wonder-boy of Scrubs, and to whom I have been faithfully linking to from my other blog, has made a very good video post on his blog, which can be viewed here. Mind you, there are 700+ comments on that page, so it does take a while to load. But it really is worth it. Omg...I'd go hysterical if he posted a comment on here...I'd print it out and frame it and everything. But seriously, he's a cutie and an extremely talented actor. I can't wait for Chicken Little to hit the screens here!

On a totally non-gay note, help me Kill Bill's Browser and get a whole buck for yourself.

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Blogger Unknown said...
Go Firefox, go!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Yes! Woohoo! agree! Don't you just love the way he said 'Scrubsy'.. That's just so.. AWW! lol!

Can't wait for Scrubs season 5 ;)

Blogger N said...
Yay Firefox! Boo IE! I liked the Kill Bill theme...very smart!

I'm going to put up a link for Zach Braff's blog on my blog! He's soo funny! Thanks for the link Nick :)